by Jeff Munnis

318120-1559257-thumbnail.jpgIntimate poems and prayers about love, memory, and spirituality. Two series of poems on death and revelation explore both the process and experience of inner transformation.

Some poems from Vision


Mountains drop
new wine
thick darkness lays down
over everything known
when the duration of silence
is freedom and imagine
a wave of particles
stored in plaster tombs
steel boxes that slide open
vaults full of dust

and corruption
a day cruel
and terrible patient
the person the human
not who we ever think to be
does not come when we expect
always here in a way
truly human here
for the second time
does come again
it is the second time
because we cannot remember
the detail of every first visit
from the same starting point
always the second time
because we are
the first
every time
the first


Sheets are molded
to the shape of your hips
curved where your arm rested
Pillows have migrated
under the covers
or dropped to the floor
You just left the bed
and I draw my hand
over the Braille shapes
left from your dreams
and I read them

I hear the click of lights
and door knobs
and shower curtain
the quick wrench of the valve
Water thumps
against the floor of the tub
The towel is silent until
your hair the rhythmic
shaking combing
Caps whir and click open
Scratches plucks strokes
eyebrows hair arms legs
stand before me blush
full and soft
under my lips

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