A Boy's Dream - $15.95
by Wynn Yarbrough 

Wynn Yarbrough brings together a deep awareness of nature, in the tradition of Dickey, with a contemporary romanticism, at times reminiscent of Ginsberg. His poems invite a reader to connect with archetypal energies, timelessness, a universality of experience.

—John Amen, editor of The Pedestal Magazine; author of More of Me Disappears (Cross-Cultural Communications 2005), and At the Threshold of Alchemy (Presa 2009)



Alchemy of the Word: Writers Talk About Writing - $24.95
Edited by Nicola Morris and Aimee Liu  

“Whether you’re a young beginner or a veteran writer like me, you’ll get support from reading ALCHEMY OF THE WORD. These authors’ thoughts are mystical and practical, political and inspiring and funny. I’ve found companions on this lonely journey.”

—Maxine Hong Kingston, National Book Award Winner and 
author of China MenThe Woman Warrior, and Tripmaster Monkey



Commentaries and Citations - $24.95
Translated by Lisa Rose Bradford

Love-in-absence, past-in-present, and clarity-in-pain are the major themes of Commentaries and Citations. In these poems, dedicated to his motherland, Argentine poet-in-exile Juan Gelman composes nostalgia and desire by invoking and responding to texts that range from the Bible to the mystics and on to tango. 



Between Words: Juan Gelman's Public Letter - $19.95
Translated by Lisa Rose Bradford

Between Words: Juan Gelman’s Public Letter (Carta abierta) is a collection of poetic elegies addressed to his son, Marcelo, who disappeared in 1976 during Argentina’s “dirty war.” With an inimitable voice and Argentine rhythms, Gelman works the language to come to terms with sorrow and exile. 




HOMELESS CHRONICLES from Abraham to Burning Man - $17.95

by Gerard Sarnat

Gerard Sarnat’s epic poems burst across the page with the glee usually reserved for shooting stars. This is a playful balls-out poet unafraid to temper bold statements with enough humor and compassion to make us nostalgic for his ecstatic profound view of life. —Suzanne Burns, Misfits and Other Heroes   Read More



Lamb of Desire - $17.95
by Olivia Ruiz Marrujo

Lamb of Desire is about love and Eros. It tells a story of desire, a pursuit of the body’s pleasure as well as a yearning to transcend the flesh. In that sense it is a collection of poems about a longing which figures as naturally in the hopes of women and men in late modernity . . .
Read More


Tapestry of the Sun: an Anthology of Ecuadorian Poetry - $29.95
Edited and Translated by: Alexis Levitin and Fernando Iturburu

The first major anthology devoted entirely to contemporary Ecuadorian poets to be published in the United States. The poems present a variety of perspectives on politics, religion, love, and the complexity of human relationships. Read More


What the Embrace Embraces - $24.95
by Hugo Mujica

Reflects the influence of Mujica's studies in Fine Arts, Philosophy, the Philosophy of Anthropology, and Theology. Mujica was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1942. He lived in Greenwich Village in New York City during the 1960s and spent seven years in the silence of a Trappist monastery. Read More




comfort in small rooms - $9.95

Marcia Popp explores the small, yet profound moments with her grandparents and parents that resonate with wisdom and insight. Read More


Black Zinnias
No. 3
- $19.95

Featuring work by the Argentine poet, Hugo Mujica, photography by Kristin Satzman, plus additional poetry, essays, and written work. Read More




Kaliedoscope - $14.95
by Iris Maahs 

Poems about her life in New Orleans and the years after returning to her hometown in Texas. Read More




Mallarmé's Prose Poems - $29.95
by Robert G. Cohn

A critical study of Mallarmé's prose poems, a crucial but neglected aspect of his oeuvre. These texts represent a vital stage in Mallarmé's evolution as a poet, and exerted a deep influence on a range of twentieth-century artists. Read More



The Dazzling Land
- $14.95
by Brigitte Byrd

"These poems are so deeply imagined, so funny and profane, so formally inventive, there is little here that does not burn sharply with the experience of truth. This book represents one of the most fully realized portraits of the self I’ve read in a long time, a vigorous mirroring of consciousness...." —David Dodd Lee Read More



In a City You Will Never Visit - $14.95
by Young Smith

"In a City You Will Never Visit threads two long sequences (a suicide story, and a metaphysical meditation on light) among individual poems of tantalizing variety. With their moral syllogisms and gnomic tone, they might have come from Eastern Europe—an Eastern Europe we will never visit, a city of the mind." —Rosanna Warren Read More


Bed of Want - $9.95
by Carine Topal

Robert G. Cohn Prose Poetry Award winner
Lush and sensual and full of the strangeness and danger of love, these poems are also sassy and savvy and simply unlike any other poems I know." — Cecilia Woloch Read More


Hinge - $15.95
by Kathleen Lynch

"...a gateway between the shimmer of language and the representation of a world that is both familiar and deeply strange...."—Alan Soldofsky, author of Kenora Station and Staying Home Read More




breakfast at the Shangri La - $12.95
by Joanne Catherine Scott

"...a poignant and lyrical revelation about what it means to adopt three Korean children and rear them to all the tragedy and joy of adulthood..."—Terry Brown-Davidson, Pedestal Magazine Read More

Vision - $14.95
by Jeff Munnis

Vision contains intimate poems and prayers about love, memory, and spirituality. In addition, two series of poems on death and revelation explore both the process and experience of inner transformation. Read More  




Next to a River - $14.95
by Jeff Munnis

Jeff grew up in Titusville, Florida next to the Indian River. The orange groves, the beaches, and the natural beauty of Merritt Island are present throughout this series of poems. Read More 




Some Poems - $9.95
by Robert G. Cohn





Buttercups, and So Forth
- $15.95
by Robert G. Cohn






Meditations: August 2005-November 2007 - $29.95
by Robert G. Cohn  
The books in the Mediations series by Robert Greer Cohn represent the latest thoughts of Dr. Cohn on literature, politics, religion, and culture. Some of the essays are poetric and explore the spiritual side of contemporary issues while others offer Dr. Cohn's blunt assessment of current trends and ideas. The intellectual roots of these ideas are found in Western Judeo-Christian influences, the poetry of Mallarmé, and produce a unique synthesis of challenging ideas.   Read More



Meditations: June-November 2007 - $29.95

by Robert G. Cohn







Meditations: Some Late Views
- $29.95
by Robert G. Cohn








Black Zinnias No. 2 - $19.95

Featuring an interview with South African poet and journalist, Antjie Krog, and poetry by Antjie Krog, Kathleen Lynch, Brigitte Byrd, Rick Bursky, and more. Read More



Black Zinnias No. 1 - $7

Featuring and interview with Peter Kinglsey, Nikki Giovanni, and poetry by Joanna Catherine Scott, Jon Tribble, Barbara DeCesare, Johnson Cheu, and others. Read More



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