Robert Greer Cohn

Robert%20Cohn-low.jpgRobert Greer Cohn is best known for his lifetime work on Mallarmé. Michael Deguy referred to him as the "posthumous Mallarmé." Julia Kristeva, in an article subtitled "Hommage à R. G. Cohn" called him "Mallarmé's accomplice." Many major writers echoed these sentiments: Herman Broch, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Richard Wilbur, Philippe Sollers... His The Poetry of Rimbaud was deemed by Henri Peyre to be "perhaps the best study [of the poet] in any language." He was the founding editor of Yale French Studies and the author of sixteen books, a two-time Guggenheim fellow; he is professor emeritus of French at Stanford University.

Books published by CIAL:

Buttercups and So Forth (memoir)

Some Poems (poetry)

Mallarmé's Prose Poems (scholarly work)

Meditations: August 2005-November 2007 (political essays)

Meditations: June-November 2007 (political essays)

Meditations: Some Late Views (political essays)

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