So You Think You Can Write?

Yes. It is a challenge to write. What if you could work with other writers and poets to get into print? What if you could exchange your work, your ideas, your fears, and your triumphs with published writers willing to contribute to your success? Our co-operative publishing model challenges you, but also supports you, and brings you into a publishing process that nurtures and supports your creative vision. Don't come to us thinking that this is an easy route to the printed page. You will work, and work hard. Your peers--other writers in your group--will give you the feedback and guidance necessary to realize the potential in your work. And they will not abandon you when the going gets tough. When your manuscript has passed the peer review of your writing group you will begin the process of preparing for publication and you will work with our editors and designers to introduce your finished work to the reading public. One writer said, "I didn't realize this was so much more than writing, it's a spiritual process as well." Write and publish with us--you'll grow as a writer and as a human being.


About Pessoa Press

Pessoa Press, a writer's cooperative, takes its name from the Portuguese writer Fernando Pessoa. A trunk full of Pessoa’s writing was found after his death revealing that his published work represented a very small portion of his total literary output. Though it was known that Pessoa sometimes wrote using a heteronym  it came to light that instead of three or four heteronyms he may have used as many as seventy-five. Very distinct from a pseudonym, where a writer simply uses an assumed name for the purpose of publication, Pessoa took on and wrote from multiple identities that criticized each other’s work, corresponded with each other, wrote in different languages, and sometimes published each other’s work.

It is in the spirit of this kind of experimentation and creativity that we started Pessoa Press as a writer’s cooperative. Scholars may want to publish poetry, or memoir. Lawyers might want to write short stories, or a writer may want to adventure out into new territory in search of a new voice or genre. In other words, identity is at the heart of the writing both from the perspective of who is writing, what is being written, and the process of self-exploration through writing is encouraged and valued.

Members of the Pessoa Press writer's co-op review each other’s work and help bring each other’s work to publication. Members take a proactive role in the publishing process and do what they can to help CIAL succeed in its publishing efforts. We currently have openings for writers interested in joining the co-op. Interested writers should submit a sample of their writing and a short bio for consideration.

Pessoa Press Authors

Robert Greer Cohn

Iris Maahs 

Jeff Munnis 

Gerard Sarnat

Wynn Yarbrough