Mallarmé's Prose Poems
by Robert G. Cohn

318120-1093111-thumbnail.jpgThis important work of literary criticism by Robert G. Cohn was originally published in 1987 by Cambridge University Press. This present edition includes a new essay, "Mallarmé's Unheard Voice" in addition to seven other essays from Professor Cohn's extensive writings on Mallarmé and French Literature. Each of the prose poems appear in French and English (translated by Professor Cohn) with the commentary in English. These texts represent a vital stage in Mallarmé's evolution as a poet, and exerted a deep influence on a range of twentieth-century artists.

About the Author

Robert%20Cohn-low.jpgRobert Greer Cohn is best known for his lifetime work on Mallarmé. Michael Deguy referred to him as the "posthumous Mallarmé." Julia Kristeva, in an article subtitled "Hommage à R. G. Cohn" called him "Mallarmé's accomplice." Many major writers echoed these sentiments: Herman Broch, Giuseppe Ungaretti, Richard Wilbur, Philippe Sollers... His The Poetry of Rimbaud was deemed by Henri Peyre to be "perhaps the best study [of the poet] in any language." He was the founding editor of Yale French Studies and the author of sixteen books, a two-time Guggenheim fellow; he is professor emeritus of French at Stanford University.

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