Lamb of Desire (Cordero del deseo)
by Olivia Ruiz Marrujo
translated by Joan Lindgren

The Lamb of Desire (Cordero del deseo) is about love and Eros. It tells a story of desire, a pursuit of the body’s pleasure as well as a yearning to transcend the flesh. In that sense it is a collection of poems about a longing which figures as naturally in the hopes of women and men in late modernity, just as it does in the religious writings and mystic transports of 16th century Spain and colonial Mexico. Olivia Ruiz began the first poems that make up The Lamb of Desire in Tijuana, edited and wrote others in Brazil, and finished the collection in San Diego. The travel sequence explains, in part, the use of Portuguese, and the change in tone between the first and second halves. She explains the influence of language in the following way, “I don’t know if I learned Spanish or English first, but early on sensed each language’s limits and persuasions. I also discovered that while they enriched each other, they left things unsaid.”

The book includes the original Spanish poems, with the English translation on each opposing page.


About the Author

Olivia Ruiz Marrujo was born in Eugene, Oregon, raised in Mexico and the United States, and has spent most of her life negotiating the borders between those two countries. Today she lives in Tijuana and San Diego, where she teaches and writes on borders, immigration, culture, and human rights. Ruiz’s poetry, essays, short prose, and scholarly writings reflect her upbringing in Mexico and the United States, her studies in anthropology and literature, her work with migrants, and her travel. She has published in books and journals in Mexico, the United States, Italy, Spain, and Brazil.


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