In a City You Will Never Visit
by Young Smith

318120-1093109-thumbnail.jpg"Young Smith has composed a subtle, intelligent, spare book with the cleanliness of good prose. In a City You Will Never Visit threads two long sequences (a suicide story, and a metaphysical meditation on light) among individual poems of tantalizing variety. With their moral syllogisms and gnomic tone, they might have come from Eastern Europe—an Eastern Europe we will never visit, a city of the mind." —Rosanna Warren

"Somewhere between the merciless ironies of Evan S. Connell’s Mrs Bridge and the aching metaphysical comedy of Zbigniew Herbert resides Young Smith, a student of the elusive nature of the real. In a City You Will Never Visit is an unexpected fusion of pleasures: a sequence of poems that accumulate with the weight of a novel, a lyric meditation on the behavior of light, and a study of the forms of longing—all of which Smith braids together into a fresh and striking debut." —Mark Doty

"There is an arrestingly ethereal quality to Young Smith’s poems as they navigate their numinous territory, where things that once seemed most familiar are revealed to be least controllable and comprehensible. Smith’s voices are troubled by tricks of light playing on objects that turn out to be merely the manifestations of our own witness, 'made of notion’s fabric.' I find myself drawn to these poems and their strategy of radiant patience in confronting what seems always to be almost just this side of unfathomable." —J. Allyn Rosser

About the Author

318120-897296-thumbnail.jpgYoung Smith completed a Ph.D. in creative writing and literature at the University of Houston in 2003. Smith has received a poetry fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts. His work has appeared in Poetry, Beloit Poetry Journal, The Iowa Review, Crazyhorse, on the Poetry Daily Web site, and in other publications. He is an assistant professor of English at Eastern Kentucky University.



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