Bed of Want
by Carine Topal

Robert G. Cohn Prose Poetry Award Winner

"The world Carine Topal creates in Bed of Wantor recreates?is the world in which we all would live, if we could, if we could bear ita world in which every sense is heightened, every beauty more beautiful, and elusive and shimmering, and even sadness is a kind of rapture. Here, the radio is swooning, there's 'a promise of milk at the door.' Lush and sensual and full of the strangeness and danger of love, these poems are also sassy and savvy and simply unlike any other poems I know." — Cecilia Woloch


About the Author

318120-846342-thumbnail.jpgCarine Topal participated in the grassroots organization California Poets in the Schools. Since 1982, she has anthologized the poetry of special needs children. Her first collection of poems, God As Thief, was published by The Amagansett Press, NY. Her work also has appeared in Water-Stone, Caliban, The Best of the Prose Poem, Pacific Review, The Louisville Review, and many other journals. She was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2004, and awarded a residency at Hedgebrook, as well as a fellowship to study in St. Petersburg, Russia, 2005. Carine conducts on-line mentoring workshops and private workshops in and around LA.


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